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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good Night

I know that several of you watch this blog several times a day, so I just want to say good night, in case you check it one last time before going to bed. It is now Monday morning here and after breakfast we are going to do more paperwork and receive Keira's passport. I think that this will be her last official Chinese document and her name will be reflected as Guan, Qing Ju. Xiulan said that she talked to the Director of the orphanage and that she should be able to get us a copy of the note that was left with Kiera. They NEVER give the original but a copy is more than most families ever get. We don't expect much information beyond her birthdate, but even that is something.

Good night everybody.

We will be home in a week.


Kathy, Will and Kiera

ps Bobby and Shannon, we miss you very much and can't wait to be together again. Oh yeah, Kiera says hi


At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Diane and Robbie said...

Night, night! (Yes, I did read it just before bedtime!) Diane

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too funny, I did check your site before putting the computer and us to bed. What an amazing story this is, and it's all there for Kiera to see when she grows up. I was wondering when you all were heading back to the US. I look forward to checking in tomorrow.

Good Night...Stacey P.

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, Will and Kiera,
Wishing you all a life of wonderful blessings with your new little one! I know your children at home will be so blessed to have a sister! I believe the greatest gift to give to your children is a sibling! It always has been for us. Cant wait to get to know you all better and welcome Kiera to our homeschooling family!
THE McCormicks Donna,Josh and kids

At 11:03 PM, Blogger The Muellers said...

Good Night! I also always check again right before I turn in for the night. It was GREAT to hear from you again and to hear what your Monday is planning to be like. I think I would feel a huge relief in just getting her passport! I will update the kids in the morning as they always want to check before school. I know Emily has been emailing with Shannon a lot also. I think just in case I forget to tell her something. HEE!HEE! Keep taking it day by day (or minute by mintue at times) and remember you are NOT alone. If you try real hard you should feel our arms wrapped around all of you giving love and support. P.S. Tell Will the Bears & Colts are in the Superbowl!!! Love ya, Jayna, Sandy, Emily, & Connor

At 11:29 PM, Blogger Jungle Joe said...

10:21 pm you got it right. Just checking on the progress. You know Kathy if I were you, well never mind.

Like cousin Goober says, " this Chineese food is so good it is just like being in Tokyo!"

Come home soon.

Love Joe


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