It's A Great Day for the Chirish!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kiera has been a busy girl!

I'm going to try to start posting on a more regular basis again. Sheesh, we have been so busy! First of all, Kiera got baptized early in June so she is officially a Catholic. This doesn't, however, mean that she knows how to behave in church - that's gonna take a whole lot more Holy Spirit!

We have already been on two vacations. Our Ohio friends came for a visit in June and we spent a week at a house right here at Lake Norman. The kids went skiing and all that good stuff. It was so good to see our friends (without the gut-wrenching emotional trauma that visiting Columbus causes me). We just returned from an O'Brien family reunion at Sunset Beach and that was a blast! Kiera met almost all of her O'Brien aunts, uncles and cousins and got to experience the ocean for the first time. She loved it all!

Kiera's band is off and her head looks better. Hopefully it will round out the rest of the way on its own. She is walking all over the place, chasing the dog, dropping shoes in the toilet, dropping telephones down the air conditioning vent, dumping the dogs food and water out, going swimming at the pool, dancing, singing, saying "doggie" and "uh-oh!". She can drink from a sippy cup, she can climb stairs, throw things and cause a disturbance at church. Now I know why I'm tired all the time.

In two weeks, we will be going to Ohio to see the state fair and visit some friends. Then we will drive up to Chicago, pick up Grandma and drive up to her cottage in Wisconsin for a couple of weeks. When we get back, it will lmost be time to start the "s" word. I have to get everything ready before we leave - ordering books, etc. That's it for now. Time to rest up for another day of chasing Kiera around the house!


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